TOP of the best browser games to play in 2022

Web browser games attract hundreds of thousands of players into their worlds, because the simplicity of the gameplay and undemanding hardware are combined with interesting plots and wide possibilities. In this article, we have collected reviews of new products, tops of the best browser games by genre and everything related to them.

A little bit of the history of browser games

Tennis for Two issued in 1958 is believed to be the first video game made purely for entertainment. Nearly four decades later, 1997's Club a Seal became the first browser game. Although these games are very different in genre, they are both milestones that have become the first of their kind. However, it is unknown if they were actually the first. Many early browser games to play were piece goods, created but not published, or taken apart for parts after release. Like photographic film, the history of this medium must not wither and perish.


There is another view that the first browser game was released back in 1999. It was a text-based RPG Tale set in a classic fantasy setting. Tale was the first RPG that didn't require a client to be downloaded, and it actually started the BBMMORPG genre. In the future, many role-playing games copied the interface of Tale, albeit changing the basics of the gameplay. By the way, the game is still open, so you can see for yourself how it all began.

Rise and deafening fall of Flash

Speaking of Flash, people often think of it as a platform for creating good web games and cartoons. The “golden age” of this era is considered to be the early to mid-2000s, and projects were created not only by professionals, but also by tens of thousands of amateurs who created millions of small projects.

There were a lot of projects, they were very different, from standard puzzles and races to experimental projects. Some of them are still remembered on the Internet. Any flash game had the potential to become a hugely popular best web game. Flash Player was installed on most computers, either as a standalone program or as a browser plug-in. At home, at school, university, office - everywhere you could start playing in a couple of clicks. In the early 2000s, there was an idea that everyone could just go to the browser and turn on the game. And it's not that something like this doesn't exist now. It's just that when Flash was at its peak, it was really everywhere.

Old flash browser games

By the end of the 2000s, the largest flash browser games brought creators up to 100 thousand dollars, and developers were recruited to work on projects. Even in-game purchases were introduced - the progenitor of the free-to-play system. But what seemed to be the beginning of the formation of a full-fledged industry, in fact, turned out to be the era of the decline of the Flash era. As a result, since about 2012, the number of players on flash portals has been rapidly declining. Good browser games moved to HTML5, developers left to make games for social networks, mobile platforms, Steam or consoles. And prominent flash animators have opened YouTube channels or gone into the professional industry.

Why are browser based games so popular?

Firstly, to relax in virtual reality for an hour or two, you do not need to download anything, just have a browser and an Internet connection. Therefore, you can play games on a browser from any computer, even from an old computer for work, while colleagues do not see. Secondly, most of these games do not require your constant presence, you can just log in from time to time, nothing bad will happen.

The obvious disadvantage of browser games compared to client games is the relatively low quality of graphics. As the visuals get better with time, the level of detail increases, as a result - new projects look pretty nice.

What makes popular browser games especially appealing is the free-to-play model. But not everything is so simple. Most games on browsers can be played completely free at first, but over time the game becomes more and more difficult and pushes you to donate, offering you to buy various bonuses that make life much easier for real money. Pay or not - the choice is yours.

Developers have long understood that browser games always find fans, their creation does not require much time and resources, and they are quite profitable, so now the number of such games is growing like mushrooms after rain. They are presented mainly by:

  • Single player browser games. For the most part, these are casual games available for quick mastering - solitaire, puzzles, etc.
  • Multi-user projects with two or more participants. These can be, for example, imitations of board games in which the browser provides communication between players.
  • Massively multiplayer online web browser games. Hundreds and even thousands of players already converge here. The development of MMO browser games requires much more effort and time, because you have to think through a deeper gameplay in order to keep real people in the virtual world for months, or even years.

As for the last category, there are no genre restrictions - you are waiting for fantasy RPGs with a lot of character leveling options, dynamic shooters with a bunch of weapons and equipment, city-building and economic simulators with huge development opportunities, tactical games and strategies in which your managerial and commander talent will unfold to the fullest.

PC browser games over the past decade have become a separate branch of the gaming industry, not inferior in popularity and turnover to their other relatives. Some even compete with AAA-class games, although such giants, of course, are few in number. However, the popularity of browser games is easily explained. Easily accessible, low system requirements, lack of a client, if desired - a small amount of time required. Unlike other video games, the local contingent is mostly not children or even teenagers. Office workers and housewives are the ones who are most interested in these games. Although among the classic gamers there are also lovers of meditative processes. Therefore, the audience of browser games is always very numerous. And for good web browser games - just colossal.

We are looking for only interesting and high-quality projects for you to help you navigate the endless sea of games and choose what will bring you pleasure and joy. So we have compiled the best web browser games TOP that you can play right now. The online web game list includes projects on different genres and settings, and many games are difficult to compare to each other, so the TOP is intended to show the diversity among browser games.


Vikings: War of Clans

Screenshot of Vikings: War of Clans browser game

Vikings: War of Clans is one of the best browser game strategies in general. The game has all the invariable attributes of the genre - the construction and development of buildings, technologies, economy, skirmishes with other players, etc. There are also RPG elements - the player has a hero and a shaman (or even several), who also need to be developed and dressed.

However, the essence of the game lies precisely in the confrontation between individual clans and entire kingdoms. Of course, no one forces you to join a clan, but without clan members it turns into a typical game browser about nothing, of which there are thousands. Only together with the clan can you participate in a bunch of events, earn mountains of gold and develop quickly.

Of course, there are also personal events in Vikings: War of Clans, and you can beat your neighbors just like that, but participation in clan events brings much more profit, various goodies and pleasure. And if you are lucky enough to get into the top clan, then consider that you are already head and shoulders above thousands of other players. In addition, clan members will always help with resources, tell you in which direction to develop and take revenge on your offenders.

The game is constantly updated, new events are added, shamans, buildings in the city, and so on - you don’t have time to develop the main buildings and learn basic knowledge, when suddenly a place for the construction of some kind of Valkyrie Stronghold or Sanctuary of Aesir appears in the city.

Throne: Kingdom at War

Screenshot of Throne Kingdom at War browser game

Throne: Kingdom at War is another classic strategy game from Plarium. At first, the player will be offered to experience all the delights of a premium account, which guarantees invulnerability and other amenities, and after his warriors get stronger, at least a slight increase in the economy and science will begin, you can rush into the thick of things, beat your neighbors and lick your wounds when they come to take revenge.

As in the previous game of our TOP browser games, everything here looks very nice, and the buildings in the city become more beautiful as you upgrade. These games have a lot in common (constant building upgrades, research, character development, etc.), only Throne: Kingdom at War is not about harsh bearded Vikings and their raids, but about the struggle for the throne vacated after the death of a local ruler.

There are a lot of activities in the game, there are several hundred studies alone, not to mention everything else. One should not forget about pumping the hero and troops, but it is not at all necessary to constantly fight and suffer losses - you can simply receive tribute in silver from the occupied territories, develop and wait until the army becomes powerful enough to defeat everyone around.

Forge of Empires

Screenshot of Forge of Empires browser game

Among the huge number of browser-based strategies, Forge of Empires stood out for the opportunity to lead your state through all historical eras, to watch how crooked militias with clubs turn into tough soldiers, and wretched huts into real masterpieces of architecture.

Unlike most similar games to play on browser, where the results of the battle are shown simply in the form of a table with statistics, in Forge of Empires you can personally command the troops and show your tactical skills to your heart's content. If you do not want to go to war (or are not yet strong enough for this), no one has canceled diplomacy, bribing enemy soldiers and other tricks.

Travian: Kingdoms

Screenshot of Travian: Kingdoms browser game

Without Travian, it is probably impossible to imagine any TOP of best free browser games. The long-awaited addition to the cult game, fortunately, did not make significant changes to the gameplay - all the branded chips in Kingdoms are preserved, the game remains an exemplary browser strategy.

But the visual component has changed qualitatively. So, now the game has a detailed character editor, and the Romans, Gauls and Germans will be able to change their appearance in accordance with their nationality. The appearances of the troops have also become a little different - if the defending warriors look quite calm, then the attacking fighters incinerate you with evil looks. Also, now the boundaries of the kingdom are more clearly visible, and the appearance of buildings changes as they are pumped, so that small shacks will eventually turn into architectural masterpieces.

You can play Travian: Kingdoms, like almost all free to play browser games, but if you want to develop faster, donations are welcome.


Screenshot of Elvenar browser game

Elvenar is a nice classic city-building strategy game with a slightly different setting and combat system. The path of development in the game depends on the choice of faction, and there are only two of them - humans and elves. The former study engineering and build their cities in the best medieval traditions, the latter like to conjure and negotiate with representatives of other races in order to receive resources.

The combat system will seem simple and understandable to anyone who has played Heroes of Might and Magic - the same turn-based mode, the same hexagonal fields, the same melee and ranged warriors and spells.


Screenshot of XTerium browser game

XTerium is a cosmic browser based game strategy with very high rates. EXP here is recruited at a superluminal speed, armies grow almost instantly, and thousands of units of resources are mined every second.

You can improve your fleet both quantitatively and qualitatively by adjusting the power of engines and guns, and the effectiveness of the protective functions of shields. The possibilities for both peaceful and military development are almost limitless. Joining an alliance gives a huge advantage and forces development where all its members receive impressive bonuses. In addition, everyone who joins has the opportunity to observe their comrades, track if the enemy fleet is rushing towards a friend, and jointly prevent attacks in time.

Mars Tomorrow

Screenshot of Mars Tomorrow browser game

3D economic strategy, colony simulator. The player will go to the Red Planet and try to make it habitable. To do this, he will have to build a base for a long time and hard, organize the extraction of resources, establish complex production chains and attract settlers.

There are no tense battles with local "residents" here - instead, the gamer will painstakingly study various tables and icons. Mars Tomorrow is not suitable for every user, but if you like leisurely economic strategies, then welcome!

Star Federation

Screenshot of Star Federation browser game

In reality, we can only dream of traveling to other planets, but these dreams come true in the military-economic strategy of the Star Federation. The player will have to choose one of eight races and start his story - explore different galaxies, build planets, look for mysterious artifacts and, of course, participate in real-time space battles.

If you are a peaceful player, you can do trade, economic development, diplomacy, and research. And if you prefer radical ways to solve problems, then you can carry out sabotage, spy on enemies, and so on.

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Screenshot of Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming browser game

If the world of the Game of Thrones is stuck in your memory, but the series has been watched and the books have been read, then try playing the strategy of the same name. Being an official game, it provides an opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in Westeros and meet familiar characters (Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and others), as well as visit various locations (Winterfell, King's Landing and others).

If you delve into the gameplay, then Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming offers quite standard mechanics - build up the city, hire units and scare your neighbors or help them. At the head of the army can stand various heroes who can be equipped and upgraded.

Call of War

Screenshot of Call of War browser game

Call of War is a global browser game strategy dedicated to the Second World War. Players are invited to choose one of the available nations and either rewrite history or play back the events as they were. The main task is to capture as many territories as possible. This can be done in various ways - with the help of the army, pumping technology, using military equipment, developing secret weapons, and so on.

Dawn of Empires

Screenshot of Dawn of Empires browser game

Dawn of Empires could be called an ordinary fantasy strategy with RPG elements - here you are also invited to lead your empire, extract resources, expand the boundaries of possessions, equip an army to conquer neighboring lands and do other things.

But one detail distinguishes this game from others - it's high-quality three-dimensional graphics, which you rarely see in browser games. Thanks to a juicy picture, all standard mechanics do not cause boredom, and therefore we say “welcome” to everyone who is tired of the two-dimensional visual style.


Screenshot of WarTime browser game

You will enter the warpath in WarTime, a cartoonish military strategy in which players equip their islands and go on dangerous sorties into enemy territories. The highlight of the game is the units - there are quite a lot of them (there are infantrymen and various equipment), and pumping is carried out according to the "2048" game rule, that is, by combining combat units into something more.

Otherwise, this is a pleasant game that will help pass the time. Players are offered to complete missions, extract resources, join alliances and participate in various events.

Battle for the Galaxy

Screenshot of Battle for the Galaxy browser game

Battle for the Galaxy is a sci-fi strategy game that offers the player to settle in their own space base, gather strong units around them and send a brave army to conquer.

This game is reminiscent of the popular mobile strategy Clash of Clans. That is, the gameplay is conditionally divided into two parts: the development of the base and attack / defense. During the attack, the player only indicates the landing point for the troops, and then watches what is happening either with a smile on his face or with tears in his eyes.


Rail Nation

Screenshot of Rail Nation browser game

Since this game was developed by Travian Games, there is no doubt about its quality. Rail Nation is the same favorite game of trains from childhood, only for adult brains that already understand the economy. The player's task is to create their own viable transport system for transporting different types of goods. The demand for them is constantly changing, so keeping track of market trends is an important part of the gameplay.

The newly minted owner of the company will have to go through six stages of development, starting from the first trains and ending with modern high-speed ones. In addition to transporting goods, you will have to develop your station, do research, and if you wish, you can unite with other players in an association and achieve much more global goals.

My Sunny Resort

Screenshot of My Sunny Resort browser game

In My Sunny Resort, you play the role of a hotel manager who has to build up a paradise island and make money from vacationers. The player will make sure that the resort houses are furnished and in general allow you to spend your time comfortably, places to relax on the beach and other things. At the same time, this is both a simple and detailed simulator that will allow you to take a break from the gray views outside the window and visit the sea, albeit a virtual one.

Let's Fish

Screenshot of Let's Fish browser game

This is a fishing simulator, and quite popular. It will delight you with simple training and controls, thoughtful gameplay, role-playing elements and an abundance of content (over 40 locations, over 400 fish species). At the same time, the game will appeal to both professionals who tiptoe to the exit door of the house on weekends, and those who have never been fishing in reality, but want to join this business.


Zombie farm

Screenshot of Zombie farm browser game

Zombie farm is essentially a regular farm simulator, only in an unusual setting. For the sake of prosperity of your possessions, to grow plants, extract resources and build buildings will be cartoon zombies that inhabit the island entrusted to you. At the same time, the scenery, which is considered to be creepy, here causes only tenderness.

In addition to the usual farming routine, players will have to complete tasks that diversify the gameplay and bring a lot of nice bonuses. As in any free web based game, donation is present, but not imposed. It is also nice that, having left your farm even for a month, upon returning you will find that everything has remained in its place.

Big Farm

Screenshot of Big Farm browser game

Farm simulator Big Farm, developed by the craftsmen from Goodgame Studios, has absorbed everything we know about the genre. Once in the neglected territory inherited, the player will try to put it in order by growing various crops, breeding animals and manufacturing.

The game will delight you with nice graphics, simple gameplay and rich customization options for the settlement. Plus, there are social elements - for example you can unite in leagues for joint development with farmers from all over the world.

My Little Farmies

Screenshot of My Little Farmies browser game

My Little Farmies is not just a farm simulator. This is a medieval farm simulator that invites players to develop their village by doing things we already know. However, as the village grows, more and more people will settle in it - is this not an indicator of success?

In general, this is another excellent representative of the genre, which, due to its original idea, will appeal to both those who have already played dozens of farms and those who are looking for something interesting for the evening.


League of Angels 3

Screenshot of League of Angels 3 browser game

As for a browser game MMORPG, League of Angels 3 looks rather impressive. But not only the beautiful picture is remarkable in the game. There is no clear link to the character's class here - depending on the situation, the magician can be retrained into a harsh warrior, and the healer into a well-aimed shooter. The possibilities for character customization are also impressive - there are so many different options for weapons and clothes that you are unlikely to meet someone who looks the same as you.

You can also hire assistants of different specializations and form an invincible squad in which everyone complements each other. In addition to story quests, League of Angels 3 has many other activities such as guild wars and PvP arenas.

Rise of Angels

Screenshot of Rise of Angels browser game

Action MMORPG Rise of Angels is similar to many other representatives of the genre using the auto-combat system, classic archetypes and, of course, the idea of good versus evil. However, they paid more attention to the plot, provided more opportunities for character customization, in general, the developers tried to somehow stand out from the background of many browser games of the same type.

The protagonist immediately finds himself in the thick of things - after the ship, on which he traveled through the sea, crashed off the coast of an unknown island, the locals immediately find something to do for him - they ask to help them resist the onslaught of the forces of darkness.

Music Wars

Screenshot of Music Wars browser game

Music Wars is a real gang showdown with massacres and killings. But the factions are fighting not for money or territory, but for their favorite musical style to be recognized as the coolest. So, you can get scolded just because you hang out with clubbers or love rock. True, the choice of style only affects the background music and the appearance of the characters.

But there are plenty of weapons in the game - from simple knives to machine guns. You can buy new clothes in the store, other goodies that give bonuses to stats are also sold there. And you will have to earn money for all this in fights or by getting a job, like a normal person.

In fact, the game is not just about skirmishes and shopping. The developers stuffed it with various interesting things such as martial arts schools, genetic centers, etc. All this will have to be dealt with if you want to become a top musical warrior.

My Pocket Stars

Screenshot of My Pocket Stars browser game

My Pocket Stars is an adventure role-playing game that puts you in the role of a "mentor" of fantasy creatures. You have to collect a collection of various pets and prepare them for battles (to develop skills, talents). A good team will clear the dungeons teeming with monsters, and will protect the coach if other players attack him. However, it is not necessary to fight with everyone - in My Pocket Stars you can create a guild or just get to know each other and chat.

Colorful graphics, original and relaxing gameplay - what else do you need for a great holiday?


Screenshot of RomeWar browser game

A role-play game that sends gamers to the era of Ancient Rome. Users have to choose one of two sides - Gaul or Rome - and go to explore the spacious game world (over 20 locations are available) and look for good equipment. There are plenty of activities, but most of them come down to battles that take place in turn-based mode. You can clear dungeons, challenge gladiators in arenas, board pirate ships, participate in battles for various objects (mines, forts, cities).

Eternal Fury

Screenshot of Eternal Fury browser game

Eternal Fury clearly shows what will happen if you mix MMORPG and strategy. And it will turn out to be a very interesting adventure game in which the gamer will build his kingdom, simultaneously upgrade the hero and participate in colorful turn-based battles. If you are tired of looking at scaffolding - you can go to explore distant lands, clear dungeons and get the world rid of monsters.

Blade of Kings

Screenshot of Blade of Kings browser game

Blade of Kings belongs to the IDLE-MMORPG genre. That is, this is one of those web based games that "plays on its own": the player's involvement in the gameplay is minimal due to the automation of most game mechanics. The gamer's character moves independently, attacks and picks up objects, and only the tasks of pumping and distributing equipment fall on the user's shoulders.

Boring? Only on paper. Yes, the game does not require a lot of time, and this is only a plus - nevertheless, it allows you to feel all the features of the genre and helps to pass the time.


Screenshot of Carnage browser game

The MMORPG Carnage has stood the test of time - this 2D text-based game has been around since 2004 and is still running today. Accordingly, do not expect innovative mechanics - this is a "strong" role-playing game with the creation of a hero, battles, trade, pumping, clans and other activities standard for the genre.

Much attention is paid to the communication of the players. You can even say that this is not so much a game, but rather a hub where gamers from all over the world get to know each other and spend time together.

Star Ghosts

Screenshot of Star Ghosts browser game

If you remember with a smile the hours spent playing Space Rangers, then you should definitely take a look at the browser game MMORPG Star Ghosts. The only reason the game wasn't named Space Rangers Online is copyright issues.

The developers transferred to the browser game format everything for which we loved the creation of Katauri Interactive. You still have to plow the expanses of the Universe on your starship, only now hundreds of other players will fly nearby. The game no longer has a turn-based mode, the characters have new skills. In addition, there is now a full-fledged crafting and trading system, and ubiquitous PvP will not let thrill-seekers get bored.

Dark Genesis

Screenshot of Dark Genesis browser game

A squad IDLE-MMORPG that plays itself is such a feature of the genre. But this does not make it bad, the player simply has fewer worries - for example, he does not need to endlessly farm game currency and call enemies to death, since the heroes here are quite independent and can easily cope with such tasks. But when it comes to leveling up abilities, choosing equipment and going to bosses, then they can’t do without your help.

The game has a simple gameplay, and you can play it simultaneously in the browser and on your smartphone. And, unlike other representatives of the genre, it is very undemanding in terms of time, which will certainly be appreciated by busy gamers.


Game of Bombs

Screenshot of Game of Bombs browser game

Game of Bombs is a retro arcade-style browser game MMO inspired by the popular Bomberman game series. The project was created under the wing of the indie studio Game of Bombs, and its key features are: giant maps that can accommodate up to 1000 people and short explosive matches.

The game has simple rules: collect a large number of bonuses, kill the largest number of enemies with bombs and increase your rating. Also, players are available to collect various resources such as gold. At the same time, the game has the ability to hunt for special balls, and if you take this ball to a neighboring gate, the player will receive one-time immunity to one fatal blow.

In general, even the 8-bit graphics of Game of Bombs, strange in the modern era, looks quite interesting, and the big mountains of fun and fun only add to the attractiveness of this project.

Screenshot of browser game is a great browser game that you can play on both your browser and mobile device. The game uses a similar concept to but changes it to create a brand new arcade game. The gameplay offers fast and competitive gameplay that is very similar to the famous snake game.

By managing your ward, your goal is to increase your size in order to dominate the game server. To do this, players must collect small colored balls that randomly appear on the game map. Also, these balls are hunted by other snakes that are under the control of other players.

Screenshot of browser game is a fun new io game with easy controls where you have to deal with hexagonal blocks! is inspired by the best IO games, but with a twist of its own.

Capture blocks by surrounding areas. Protect your territory from strangers and become the largest piece of land. Avoid hits! Collect power-ups to gain an advantage. Personalize your skin/avatar and your base! Complete missions to receive rewards. This project is the best in browser games for many people.


NetEnt Roulette

Screenshot of NetEnt Roulette browser game

Table game Roulette is a digital version of the classic table casino game from the NetEnt studio, which plays according to the rules of European roulette. There are 37 sectors on the spinning wheel, 36 of which are red and black segments with numbers, and one green is zero. On the playing field of the virtual gambling table, the user assigns exact (internal) bets on numbers, external and a whole list of oral bets placed in an additional table.

Online casinos are getting closer and closer to real ones. The player can customize the gaming table interface for themselves, which is very convenient. You can choose the language, sound volume, and image quality.

Lucky Neko Gigablox

Screenshot of Lucky Neko Gigablox browser game

The Lucky Neko Gigablox slot immediately caught our attention and piqued our curiosity. New games from Yggdrasil usually always have this effect on the public, but with this release you will feel like something has changed. Throwing away his beloved Splitz mechanic and inspired by the culture of Japan, the Swedish developer decided to take a simpler path in creating this game. From time to time, you will hear female exclamations during the gameplay, which will undoubtedly delight all fans of Japanese culture, because even without understanding a word of Japanese, you will still be fascinated.

The reels are set against the backdrop of a small gift shop filled with talismans, Daruma dolls, teapots and even a bonsai tree. The slot plays on 6 reels, 4 rows and offers 40 paylines, at least in the base game. You can bet from 8p to £100 per spin across all platforms and devices. On every spin you will get Gigablox symbols. These mega symbols can land 4x4 in the base game, and they even trigger wilds and scatters.

ONE Blackjack

Screenshot of ONE Blackjack browser game

Pragmatic Play develops not only excellent video slots. This time you are invited to play an amazing version of blackjack. There will be a game table with green cloth and a convenient control panel with all the necessary buttons. A pleasant voice will accompany you at every stage of the gameplay. The game, despite its excellent visual component, does not lag and opens very quickly. No third-party programs are needed to run, only a browser is needed. If you are looking for an exciting medium variance casino game, you should definitely check out ONE Blackjack. It can be recommended to both beginners and gamblers with experience in the casino, and especially blackjack fans.

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