Deadly Road Trip

A lone headhunter biker did something bad to a dangerous biker gang, after which the hunt began on him.

Browser Game Deadly Road Trip Main Menu

The best defense is an attack, so our brave hero from Deadly Road Trip decided to destroy the entire gang himself and began to pursue and eliminate the most wanted criminals. You will have to help him with this. But first deal with his minions, get reward for every killed bandit, invest money in numerous upgrades and equipment. In the game, you are trying to get to a point where you can be safe. At first you drive a motorcycle, then you change to a jeep, a bus and fight against enemies. On the way there are bonuses that improve your attack speed, damage power. Along the way try to take charge as well as petrol, otherwise you won't get very far.

Browser Game Deadly Road Trip Gameplay

Collect bonuses, kill enemies, get to the finish line. With this money, you can buy additional upgrades to increase your chances. The faster you will do your job the more reward you will be paid. The game ends once the car body damage becomes maximal or the fuel runs out. In SHOP, you can use the money you have saved to power up various abilities and unlock new items. You can also switch to the body of a fallen enemy. Control the old man with "Arrows" or "WASD", shoot on "LMB" or "Space". Forward!