Legacy of Our Flash Browser Games

The most important question has become: How important is it for game developers and publishers to preserve video games for future generations of gamers? Games are not just entertainment and artistic content.

How to save the legacy of Flash games?

Whether you liked flash games or were hearing about them for the first time, it was one of the most important layers in the history of the Internet. Yes, it was a rough and tumble time, but it was a lot of fun and educational. A bunch of current indie games were remakes of their flash versions, a lot of current game programmers and writers started their journey with flash. So it's no surprise that we want to preserve this layer of Internet history.

Love for flash games in the blood of many of us, but here comes the end of an era - it was decided to abandon flash completely. Which means a lot of Flash games will be unavailable? Peace of mind.

One of our missions is to preserve the human legacy of our games. There have been various attempts around the world to preserve games, such as the creation of museums preserving artifacts of ancient games, or documenting the origins of games and their rules. All of these attempts are worthy of respect, but they are not enough. Games should not be preserved in museums or remain only in the pages of books; instead, they should be distributed so that people play them. We believe that the best way to preserve games is to allow people to play them. We achieve this goal by digitizing games so that people can try and play them in video game format.

The best way to preserve a game is to play it. When the knowledge of a game spreads among people and is passed down from generation to generation, the game comes alive and becomes immortal. Even with natural disasters and the destruction of all physical information about the game, it lives on because people remember and play it. By playing games and memorizing their rules, you become involved in the preservation of the gaming heritage. Knowledge about games should be in people's heads, not in museums, books or the Internet.

Play games, memorize the rules, pass on your knowledge to others, and have fun. It only matters that we, as a community, try to save them. There is too great a layer of history that could be irretrievably lost if no one does anything about it. These games are something more valuable than they seem. Much more.

List of the NoNameLab Games

Many of our old games had educational moments as well.