Long Bus Driver

Have you ever seen a long bus in the city? Try your hand at this tough job, driving a long bus in a big city, where every day passengers have to move from one place to another.

Browser Game Long Bus Driver Main Menu

You have a yellow bus that has all sorts of bad steering and you'll need to drive around the city from goal to goal, trying not to get into an accident! You need to get the passengers to their destination in five minutes. Find all the bus stops and try to collect as many people as possible. Practice your parking skills in a variety of locations, including parking lots and bus stops. Each level will have a different time limit, so try to act as fast as possible.

Browser Game Deadly Road Trip Gameplay

In addition to driving and parking yourself, you can also collect coins, which you can then use to buy new skins for your bus. There are 100 levels in total, so the game will take you some time. You have 3 modes at your disposal. The first is a free ride, and the second is a race mode where you have to be the first to finish and win. The last mode is career mode. Here you will transport people between different bus stops. With the money you earn you can buy new buses. Be careful to avoid accidents. Also try not to do too much damage. You can also play the game with a friend on the same computer. All you have to do is invite a friend and you're all set! Become the best driver! Be sure to try the game!