Monster Truck Trip 2

It's time to have fun with the extreme racing game Monster Truck Trip 2.

Browser Game Monster Truck Trip 2 Main Menu

Enjoy a great monster truck ride and drive through challenging terrain. Don't worry if you see the obstacles getting harder and harder, and show everyone that you are the best driver! The breakneck speeds and steep turns on each of the tracks will make your quest a little more challenging. Drive around the beach in an SUV and destroy everything that stands in your way. At the same time, try to move quickly, because the time limit ends so lightning fast.

Browser Game Monster Truck Trip 2 Gameplay

Monster Truck is designed for one thing - to destroy all other vehicles! Hit the gas and try to smash as many cars as possible and collect all the bonus stars for which you get points! After passing the level, improve your monster to destroy as much as possible and don't forget the cool vinyl! Invest your earnings into upgrades for your car and unlock all the tracks and vehicles with your driving skills. There are plenty of opportunities, so be sure to take advantage of them. Be sure to check your car's gas and power.
In addition, the game also offers a two-player challenge on the same PC or classic multiplayer against random players. Of course, all in 2D and with good graphics.