Monster Truck Trip

Monster Truck Trip is a crazy online browser game in which you will demonstrate your tricks on cars.

Browser Game Monster Truck Trip Main Menu

You will have to sit behind the wheel of a huge off-road vehicle and overcome multiple obstacles on your way to the finish line with the ability to pump and modify your off-road monster!

Browser Game Monster Truck Trip Upgrade Menu

You can choose from a line of monster trucks or even regular trucks on which you will overcome various kinds of obstacles, crush the buses parked on the curbs, to get to the end of each level. And most importantly - try to finish the track without tumbling upside down! Choose your truck and modify it to become the best "monster truck" of them all!

Browser Game Monster Truck Trip Gameplay

Each of them has its own physics, which you can change during the game. In addition, you see your vehicle's stats in detail. There are plenty of ramps on the map, so choose the right car for you and start jumping or just driving. With the money you earn in the race, don't forget to improve your car by purchasing various upgrades. Customize your Monster Truck, choose the color, trims and airbrush designs to your liking and race through difficult terrain, jumping over other cars and other obstacles while keeping your car balanced. Get more points by collecting stars by crushing cars in your way. You can choose your own game mode in this game. The game is designed like a comic book from Superman, so it is very beautiful and colorful.