Moto Tomb Racer

The famous tomb raider realized that the search for ancient treasures would be much faster and more productive on a motorcycle! But the tombs did not become safer!

Browser Game Moto Tomb Racer Main Menu

A very interesting and unusual plot for motorcycle racing - visiting the tombs in the abandoned labyrinths of the Egyptian pyramids on a sports bike and search for treasure. In this game you will try to discover the secrets of the ancient pyramids. Go on an exciting adventure, explore all the labyrinths with your motorcycle and avoid very dangerous traps. In this online game you must do everything possible to come to the finish line in complete safety and especially to avoid unnecessary collisions with any obstacle. There are a lot of them! The terrain is not always easy to overcome, so be extremely careful. Try to pass the underground labyrinth as quickly as possible and collect all the treasures. There are a lot of traps and hidden mechanisms in this tomb raider, be very careful - somewhere you have to go faster (space bar - acceleration), and in other places it's better not to hurry.

The game has great graphics and physics. Dangerous obstacles are waiting at every step, so don't expect an easy workout! Help the rider cope with the management of the motorcycle, avoid the traps and find all the treasures! If you succeed, you can try the other games in this series.