Tractors Power 2

Rural life is boring and monotonous - harvesting, caring for animals. But for the summer you were sent to the countryside - so it's time to master the management of some agricultural machinery. And what if you drive on the loading machines?

Browser Game Tractors Power 2 Main Menu

Help our hero to show the best result in the race through the hills. Drive a powerful tractor and try to overcome all obstacles on the hilly roads. Collect crates along the way, watch for signs warning of danger, and if you see a cow, you don't have to be afraid of it! Racing through your native expanses, just don't break the machinery and don't tear down the village. Take your tractor to deliver food from the farm to the food factories. During the delivery you'll encounter difficulties, because of which you can lose the cargo, so act carefully. Be fast and careful at the same time. Bring the speedometer of the tractor to the maximum mark, but avoid collisions. Reduce speed in time and accelerate when necessary. You are waiting for a difficult and dangerous track, replete with gullies and potholes. But the tractor under your control is a powerful machine that will pass through any road. Bring your tractor to the finish line in one piece and show the best time. Win every stage and overcome all the obstacles on your way to the finish line, beyond which a new level awaits you.

Browser Game Tractors Power 2 Select Menu

You can choose one of three tractors and try to score maximum points on each level. You can switch to the kid's version and stop hitting the animals. But then the points won't count. You can also pump up your tractor to make it carry loads faster and further, or buy a new one.

Browser Game Tractors Power 2 Gameplay

Practice your driving skills and conquer the top of the racing Olympus on tractors. Feel the spirit of country life by driving on the hilly terrain. You have a chance to prove your off-road driving skills and become a real pro.