Zombie Truck

This is a fun and slightly crazy 2D zombie shooter in a post-zombie apocalypse world.

Browser Game Zombie Truck Main Menu

I'm sick of zombies! There's no more strength to deal with the undead, who crawl out of every hole whenever there's a full moon. It's good that there are lonely but brave cowboys in the world, ready to crush the hordes of the undead with their good old truck and smash their dead heads with their super-colt .45 caliber. Our hero peacefully walked into a bar with a friend in the shooter "Zombie Truck" for a peaceful drink. But what happened? A bunch of angry dead people decided to eat the brains of our hero and his friend. Our guys didn't like it. Luckily, there was a truck, the keys to it and a couple of guns nearby. Now their task is to quickly get out of the territory, where there is not a single living soul. They got in their truck and began to drive the evil out of their land. Our friends drive from gas station to gas station and destroy all the zombies. While killing zombies, they can pick up uninfected people along the way.

Browser Game Zombie Truck Gameplay

You'll visit the desert, snow-covered mountainous areas, night forests, industrial areas and ruined cities. Gameplay is very simple - drive the truck fast or slow, jump with the rocket engine, shoot lots of different monsters and zombies of all sizes and colors. After all, shooting zombies is a very useful activity, all sorts of evil things become much less in this world. In addition to usefulness you will also feel real pleasure from the very process, because you dominate them. You have good weapons in your hands, so you have nothing to be afraid of, you will be able to fight back in any case. Zombies will be jumping for joy that you have visited them, just look at them. The farther into the woods, the more meat you have to destroy, so try to do everything as fast as possible. Destroy the bosses, save the people.

Browser Game Zombie Truck Upgrade Menu

Controls are extremely simple - one controls the truck, the second shoots. Use left and right arrows to move the truck, and use your mouse to aim and shoot the zombies. Try to earn as much money as possible at each stage of the game to be able to buy more powerful weapons, ammo and other improvements. Between levels you can improve your weapons, repair your truck, and buy new weapons.
Your goal is to help them make it all the way. Help them clear the world of this filth!